The Migration Policy Group is an independent non-profit European organisation dedicated to strategic thinking and acting on equality and mobility. The two areas are related and inextricably linked.

Mobility refers on the one hand to geographic mobility and the international movement of people leading to migration, settlement and integration, and on the other hand to social mobility that is hampered by discrimination and is promoted by equal opportunities.

The MPG work is organised into three inter-related programmes with shared core concepts:

  • International movement of persons: offering opportunities for people to cross borders in dignity and safety and build up a life matching their skills and aspirations
  • Diversity and Integration: creating a level playing field and inclusive forms of active citizenship so that all people, regardless of their migration background, can contribute to the well-being of a diverse society
  • Anti-discrimination and Equality: designing strategies to combat discrimination on all grounds, particularly focusing on nationality, ethnicity, race and religion, and to promote equality for all

As a think and do-tank, MPG:

  • Collects and disseminates information and provides expert analysis
  • Activates organisations, builds capacity and manages European networks
  • Formulates policy recommendations

MPG takes a consistent and dynamic approach to all three programmes, details of which can be found on each programme page of their website:

Migration & Mobility
Integration & Diversity
Anti-Discrimination & Equality

Within these pages details of individual projects are outlined including related publications, news, events and a historical overview of each project is listed in the milestones section. In addition publications can be searched by year, language and activity.